Plan ARO Gender Equality Training Report 2017

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office |  22 December 2017

Plan International’s Asia Regional Office (Plan ARO) organized the four-day Training on Advancing Gender Equality from 02-05 October 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand. The training forms a key area of capacity building in the Plan ARO CSO Regional Project for “Increased Accountability and Commitment of ASEAN and SAARC for the Realisation of Children’s Right to Protection”.

Overall, the training aimed to increase conceptual learning and practical skills among the CSO partners to advance gender equality in their programmes and operations. More specifically, the strengthened capacities are intended to promote gender equality in programmes and advocacy with ASEAN and SAARC in order to help ensure that their policies are more gender sensitive and transformative in line with existing international human rights standards.

The training was designed to meet four overarching objectives:


  • To increase understanding and knowledge of various dynamics and dimensions of gender equity and equality;
  • To take stock of the emerging good practices in advancing gender equality through sharing practice based case studies;
  • Explore and identify different forms of gender based discrimination and related inequalities hampering realisation of basic human rights and
  • To strengthen practical skills required for advancing gender equality in ongoing Project implementation and its advocacy work.

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