Advancing Disability Inclusion

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office |  1 November 2016

This training report of Regional Advancing Disability Inclusion training took place from 3-6 October, 2016, in Bangkok, Thailand. It aimed to increase conceptual learning and practical skills of CSO partners to advance disability inclusion in their programmes and operations. More specifically, the strengthened capacities are intended to inform the advocacy within ASEAN and SAARC, to ensure their policies are more inclusive and equitable, and that they are in line with the international human rights standards. The training was structured in a way that supports deepening knowledge and skills for tackling specific forms of discrimination/exclusion through a combination of theoretical learning on the various facts and models of disability and disability inclusion, as well as practical exercises based on personal perceptions and professional experiences of the participants.

The report contains an executive summary, followed by detailed notes broken down by day, with online tools and resources around the inclusion of persons with disabilities in emergencies/evacuations; data collection, monitoring and evaluation on disability; budgeting for disability inclusion; and accessibility of buildings, information, processes, etc. It also provides links to download all PowerPoint presentations and handouts shared in the training and also the group exercises. 

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