ASEAN Guideline for a Non-Violent Approach to Nurture, Care and Development of Children in all Settings

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office |  26 January 2017

The ASEAN Guidelines for a Non-Violent Approach to Nurture, Care, and Development of Children, in all Settings was developed in support the ASEAN RPA (Regional Plan of Action) on EVAC (the Elimination of Violence against Children) adopted by the ASEAN leaders at the 27th ASEAN Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in November 2015. This Guidelines will serve as an ideal manual for parents, caregivers, and communities to improve their skills and understanding on positive discipline, ensure non-violent interactive communication and relationship with children, child nurture, child care, and promote an enabling environment in all settings (home, school, educational settings, the community, workplace, alternative care/children’s shelters, and juvenile justice centres). 

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