Child-friendly material on ASEAN Declaration on EVAW and EVAC

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Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office |  20 January 2017

In 2015, CRC produced a child-friendly material which provided children with an overview of ASEAN and related mechanisms where they can meaningfully engage leaders on child rights. This year, CRC Asia wanted to further enhance the knowledge of children on ASEAN while working on one of its advocacy issues – child protection, particularly the elimination of violence against children.

For this, CRC Asia produced another child-friendly material so children can better understand the ASEAN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Violence Against Children, ASEAN mechanisms to address this problem, as well as ways in which children can participate.

The child-friendly material is in a handy journal form. It contains text and drawings explaining the learning topics. The writing pages is peppered with a child-friendly version of the articles of UN Convention of the Right so the Child (UNCRC).

The child-friendly material was produced with the support of Save the Children, Plan International, and UNICEF.

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