Child Protection

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Regional Programme Start-up Workshop Report, April 2011

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 19 April 2011

An overview of the Regional Programme start-up workshop held in Bangkok, 18-19 April, 2011.

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Still on the Street - Still Short of Rights

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 1 February 2011

This report analyses the situation of children living on the streets, how their issues are currently addressed within legislative and policy frameworks, and how could programmatic initiatives being implemented by international and local NGOs be improved and more relevant.

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High level meeting on cooperation for child rights in Asia Pacific

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 8 November 2010

Download the report of the High Level Meeting on Cooperation for Child Rights in Asia-Pacific from the below attachment. This meeting was held in Beijing brining together top level government officials from across the Region. It had a distinct focus on three principle themes: sharing knowledge and experience in addressing disparities around the achievemnt of MDGs; focus on child protection and welfare systems; and children's vulnerabilities during natural disasters

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Bamboo Shoots Training Manual

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 1 October 2010

Bamboo shoots is a training manual for child-centred community development practitioners and facilitators. It promotes and helps ensure that child rights are upheld by including children in the development of their communities.

After exploring the concept of rights, the manual provides various methods and practical exercises to help children identify child rights violations in their daily lives, understand the causes of these and propose practical solutions to address them.

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Adults First Training Manual

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 1 November 2004

Adutls first! is a report from a training worshop on children's participation run by Save the Children Sweden for the staff of the Child Rights Foundation, a Cambodian NGO.

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