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Speak Out – Be Protected! Creating Child-Sensitive Reporting Mechanisms of Alleged Cases of Violence Against Children, Development Framework: Guide for Practitioners

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 6 June 2016

Violence against children occurs globally and throughout the Asia region and takes place in all settings. Despite concerted efforts by many stakeholders, much of this violence remains hidden and under-reported. The Child-Sensitive Reporting Mechanisms toolkit “Speak Out –Be Protected!” identifies simple and user-friendly processes through which children and their peers (and families) can raise child protection concerns and report to the respective mandatory child protective agencies, services or trusted community groups/institutions.


Part 1: Framework report for practitioners

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Sticks and Stones

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 11 October 2013

Here you will find the Sticks and Stones training manual, documenting Word and Excel files, as well as a report on the Training of Trainers, held from 7-11 October, 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Enhancing Child Protection Through Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD)

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 1 October 2012

This manual and training guide for programme staff and ECCD workers draws on the technical knowledge and field level development practice. It is hoped that using this guide will help enhance child protection in ECCD and be a practical way for all those working on ECCD projects to mainstream best practice in ECCD and child protection.

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Bamboo Shoots Training Manual

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 1 October 2010

Bamboo shoots is a training manual for child-centred community development practitioners and facilitators. It promotes and helps ensure that child rights are upheld by including children in the development of their communities.

After exploring the concept of rights, the manual provides various methods and practical exercises to help children identify child rights violations in their daily lives, understand the causes of these and propose practical solutions to address them.

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Adults First Training Manual

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 1 November 2004

Adutls first! is a report from a training worshop on children's participation run by Save the Children Sweden for the staff of the Child Rights Foundation, a Cambodian NGO.

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