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Adult First?

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 15 June 2018

“Adult First? A Guidebook for Child-Related Professionals and Adults to Learn about Children’s Right to Participation and How to Hear the Voice of Children Clearly” is a guidebook produced by the Hong Kong Committee on Children’s Rights (HKCCR) and reprinted in English by Child Rights Coalition Asia (CRC Asia).


Targeted to professionals dealing with children, the guidebook can be used by  lawyers, judges, police officers, medical doctors, and other adults to further understand how to uphold child participation in their everyday work. The publication draws from international standards of child participation, steps, approaches, and real-life stories about child engagement in different settings.


The publication is available for download HERE

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The Voices of Children at the 7th High-Level Cross-Regional Roundtable on Violence against Children

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 7 June 2018

In 2017, the 7th High-Level Cross-Regional Roundtable on Violence against Children was convened by the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children in collaboration with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). In line with the theme “Placing Children at the Heart of the Sustainable Agenda: Accelerating Progress in Children’s Protection from Violence,” the Cross-Regional Roundtable included a children’s session co-organized by the Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development and Child Rights Coalition Asia (CRC Asia). This was the first time children and young people took part in the Cross-Regional Roundtable. They had the opportunity to discuss and share their inputs on child protection themes including online violence, abuse, and the empowerment and participation of children to prevent and address incidents of violence.


In this publication, you will learn about the engagements, concerns, and recommendations presented by children from ASEAN member states and the Republic of Korea at the Cross-Regional Roundtable. It highlights what governments from the region can do to build an ASEAN region where all children are protected from all forms of violence in all settings.


The publication is available for download HERE

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Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 4 July 2017

Violence Against Children in Southeast Asia is a booklet which aims to be a tool for all child rights advocates in the region. It contains global, regional and national facts and figures on the forms of violence and the groups of children who are in vulnerable situations.


CRC Asia will launch the booklet on the 4th of July 2017 from 6 pm to 7 pm Bangkok time at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand.

Invited in the reception are representatives from international child rights advocacy groups, United Nations agencies, national human rights organizations and international non-government organizations. The launch shall also feature a performance by the Crescent Moon Space, a group of performing artists based in Bangkok.

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Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 4 April 2017

This child-friendly material explains the UN CRC General Comment No. 19 (GC19) Public Budgeting for the Realization of Children’s Rights which was launched on 22 September 2016.


GC19 spells out the obligations of state parties to the UNCRC regarding open, inclusive and accountable resource mobilization, budget allocation and spending for children. GC19 also recommends that children all over the world participate in budget decisions that will, for sure, affect them.

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THE WORLD WE WANT: A Guide to the Goals for Children and Young People

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 20 January 2017

The Child Rights Coalition Asia has recently reprinted The World We Want: A Guide to the Goals for Children and Young People. This 32-page guidebook presents the Global Goals for Sustainable Development or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a fun and child-friendly format.

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Child-friendly material on ASEAN Declaration on EVAW and EVAC

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 20 January 2017

In 2015, CRC produced a child-friendly material which provided children with an overview of ASEAN and related mechanisms where they can meaningfully engage leaders on child rights. This year, CRC Asia wanted to further enhance the knowledge of children on ASEAN while working on one of its advocacy issues – child protection, particularly the elimination of violence against children.

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#SafeWeb4Kids Campaign

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 20 January 2017

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was ratified in 1989, before the rise of the Internet. Children’s rights haven’t changed in the Internet age, but the context in which they’re expressed has. For example, digital media gives children greater opportunities to learn, socialize and play. But children also face increased risks, including from cyber bullying and potential abuse.

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Speak Out – Be Protected! Creating Child-Sensitive Reporting Mechanisms of Alleged Cases of Violence Against Children, Children's Pocketbook

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 6 June 2016

Violence against children occurs globally and throughout the Asia region and takes place in all settings. Despite concerted efforts by many stakeholders, much of this violence remains hidden and under-reported. The Child-Sensitive Reporting Mechanisms toolkit “Speak Out –Be Protected!” identifies simple and user-friendly processes through which children and their peers (and families) can raise child protection concerns and report to the respective mandatory child protective agencies, services or trusted community groups/institutions.


Part 2: Children's Pocketbook

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