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Speak Out – Be Protected! Creating Child-Sensitive Reporting Mechanisms of Alleged Cases of Violence Against Children, Children's Pocketbook

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 6 June 2016

Violence against children occurs globally and throughout the Asia region and takes place in all settings. Despite concerted efforts by many stakeholders, much of this violence remains hidden and under-reported. The Child-Sensitive Reporting Mechanisms toolkit “Speak Out –Be Protected!” identifies simple and user-friendly processes through which children and their peers (and families) can raise child protection concerns and report to the respective mandatory child protective agencies, services or trusted community groups/institutions.


Part 2: Children's Pocketbook

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NACGs regional workshop and training on advocacy and lobbying to counter child sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation of children in South Asia

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 31 December 2015

Group Development Pakistan, on behalf of National Action Coordination Group (NACG) Pakistan, organised this regional workshop and training on advocacy and lobbying from 14th till 18th December 2015. This activity brought together 15 participants from SAARC countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri-Lanka.  This Workshop and Training are part of a synergic effort between NACGs to strengthen the functionality and structure of NACGs for effective regional advocacy relating to child protection so that NACGs can enhance their capacity to advocate with SAIEVAC to counteract the issues of child sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation of children in SAARC. As a result of this Workshop and Training NACGs have developed a regional advocacy strategy and a plan of action to implement this strategy.

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Civil Society Regional Training on Advocacy Skills

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 15 December 2015

The Regional Advocacy training aimed at increasing conceptual learning and practical skills to exercise advocacy more effectively and ultimately have strengthened consistency among the CSO partners in practising advocacy at different levels. The training was held over a period of four days building on existing experiences of the CSO partners.  

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CRC Asia Regional Consultation on Eliminating Violence Against Children and Increased Public Investment in Children

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 7 December 2015

This report captures the highlights of the Regional Consultation on the Elimination of Violence against Children and Increased Public Investment in Children organised by CRC Asia from 15-16 October, 2015 in Quezon City, Philippines. The Consultation was attended by a total of 117 representatives from the governments, civil society, NGOs, UN Organisations and financial sector. The Consultation aimed to provide updates on the efforts being taken for eliminating violence against children both regionally and globally. UNCRC Committee Vice Chairperson discussed the draft UNCRC General Comments on the Rights of Adolescents and Children in Street Situations. ACWC representatives discussed developments related to child protection such ASEAN Regional Plan of Action on EVAC, child protection in early childhood care and child protection systems. Open forums helped increasing engagement between ACWC representatives and civil society.  

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Advocacy Mapping and Stakeholder Analysis for Children's Right to Protection in ASEAN

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 13 November 2015

Produced by Child Rights Coalition Asia, the Advocacy Mapping and Stakeholders Analysis has identified current threads of advocacy relating to violence against children and key players in each advocacy area with specific focus on child protection issues specified in the ASEAN Regional Plan of Action on Eliminating Violence against Children and the UNCRC General Comment No. 13. The Analysis included child rights issues that are emerging in the ASEAN Region but have not yet been explored by the CSOs. The findings are grouped according a number of child protection vulnerabilities that children are exposed to, including: children not registered at birth, stateless and refugee children, children living on the streets, children with disabilities, children affected by HIV/AIDS, and children exposed to ICT related risks. Additionally, the Mapping helped identifying emerging child protection issues as a result of unveiling the ASEAN Economic Community. 

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Protection in Action - Report of the Regional Evaluation of the Effectiveness of CBCPMs Supported by Plan in Asia

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 31 December 2014

This report is the result of the regional evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the existing community based child protection mechanisms (CBCPMs) supported by Plan in the Asia region, and their contribution to improved protection of children from all forms of violence. The evaluation was coordinated by Plan Asia Regional office and took place between November, 2013 and October 2014.

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Step by Step - Towards Child Safer Communities

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 30 December 2014

Parallel to the Regional Evaluation of the effectiveness of CBCPMs, Plan ARO took measures to develop this resource handbook for field practitioners capturing practical tips on how to work with and support strengthening CBCPMs. The handbook is intended to offer concrete tips and ideas based on and informed by Plan's experiences, primarily from the Asia Region. The resource is providing ideas derived from common practice, to be further adapted to local context and expores typical dilemmas, while offering suggestions for practical solutions.

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Report of the SAIEVAC 4th Technical Consultation

Added by Plan International Asia Regional Office | 28 December 2014

This report outlines the discussions and recommendations of the first ever regional consultation specifically focusing on the protection of children with disabilities (CWDs) in South Asia. Plan Asia Civil Society Regional Programme supported SAIEVAC Secretariat to organise the Consultation. During the consultation children, CSO representatives and other stakeholders from the 8 countries explored various issues affecting the protection of CWDs. These findings were translated into priority actions and recommendations aiming at increased commitment to child sensitive policies, laws and measures to ensure more effective protection and inclusion of CWDs. 


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