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About the Project

Increased Accountability of ASEAN and SAARC to the Realisation of Children´s Right to Protection is a regional project launched by Plan International Asia Regional Office with financial support received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Framework Agreement of Finland, NORAD and SIDA (Please note that the content found in this website is the sole responsibility of Plan International, please see footer for further details).

The Project aims at further strengthening the advocacy efforts by civil society actors in East and South Asia to effectively advocate ASEAN and SAARC for increased commitment to child protection. It builds on a four-year initial project cycle which focused on building CSO capacities for implementing children’s rights effectively in Asia.

The Project transpires at the regional level and is implemented by the Child Right Coalition Asia (CRC Asia) and National Action and Coordination Group against Violence against Children (NACGs), two regional civil society coalitions operating respectively at ASEAN and SAARC sub regions.  

How We Operate

Civil society partners on the Project, CRC Asia and NACGs, will separately advocate ASEAN and SAARC to deliver on their child protection commitments at the regional level. Annual progress review meetings and various capacity building events will serve as opportunities for the CSO partners to get together to strengthen capacities, strategise and share their work and experiences with the two regional mechanisms. 



Plan International Asia Civil Society Regional Programme was implemented in 2011 for an initial period of five years. It transpired at the regional level with the involvement of national level child rights CSO coalitions from nine countries, building on the existing good collaboration between Plan International and national civil society actors. The countries involved in the Programme include Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.